Our Story

You never really know what the future holds for someone you meet for the first time, and that holds true for the first time we met each other. Jacob (on the left) and I (on the right) met in High School. We knew of each other through our ex-girlfriends but hadn't really become friends until we had classes together. After getting to know each other a little more we had a realization: he and I had a lot in common. It was truly effortless to get along and as we learned more about each other, we realized that our weaknesses and strengths made up for one another and ultimately made for a perfect duo. After high school, Jacob and I considered starting multiple businesses prior to Brightwork but they were all "low-interest" services or products so the opportunities never really stuck.

"Sometimes you meet a person and you just click—you’re comfortable with them, like you’ve known them your whole life, and you don’t have to pretend to be anyone or anything".

The Birth of

Brightwork Studios

While hanging out one day Jacob and I were fiddling with one of his cameras. While I was taking random pictures with it I began to question why he had the camera if it was just going to sit and collect dust. I was confused because I always loved cameras, and I couldn't stop messing with the camera I had (and still have). Long story short, I proposed taking our skills, and offering them as a service. He is a broadcast journalist for the Air Force and I have been self-taught for years now, especially with editing. That night we came up with the name Brightwork Studios, and the very next day we had our logos, social media, and business plan made.

Our Mission

Society teaches us many things, mainly through the public education system, but one of the things it doesn't teach us is the importance and value of the small things in life, which could be considered some of life's greatest treasures. One of those treasures are photos. Think about all the wonderful and bright memories you have but nothing you can use to look back on or share with others. We get sad thinking about all the experiences and beautiful moments people have, but don't have the means to capture them. We want to fill the gap between bright memories and bright pictures.

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”
Marc Riboud


We aren't the only ones with a passion for photography. There are many other "photographers" out there that can't help but snap a picture everywhere they go. We are building a place for anyone with an appreciation of pictures can share and see pictures unfold into an array of stories. Before we are a business, we are people who, like many others, love what can be done with a camera. We don't want pictures to be solely be about us but rather to be bright and beautiful glimpses into how much there is to appreciate in life. You don't have to be good at taking or editing pictures to tell a beautiful story from one, but often times we may feel pressured by the influx of beautiful images on social media; that can discourage us not to share our own photos due to feelings of inadequacy. To take a picture is to tell a story and we want you to share your story with us just like we share our story with you.

Please feel free to share your passionate moments and follow us on our Instagram, subscribe to our blog where we'll be sharing more bright stories and even tutorials with you all. We have a YouTube Channel as well, where we will do behind the scene photoshoot vlogs, how-to's, photo and video editing work flow structures, and much more! Make sure to follow our social media platforms to stay up to date with our activities and offerings... you can also get to know us better that way too! We look forward to seeing you there and growing together!


We are super excited to embark on this journey, to serve everyone with the very best we have to offer. We want to make your brightest moments, even brighter. Thanks for reading and tagging along this journey with us, we look forward to all the beautiful moments we will share.